Massachusetts Online Poker Sites

Online poker is extremely popular among citizens of Massachusetts. The American online poker industry has had its ups and downs over the years, and wagers have been legal and illegal at different times of the country’s history, but there’s no doubt that the poker market in America and Massachusetts is worth billions of dollars. The good news is, it is legal for citizens of Massachusetts to play online poker at online casino sites without fear of prosecution or seizure of their casino player accounts. People who live in Massachusetts love the convenience of online poker rooms, the bonuses and promotional programs available, and the head-to-head online poker style that online poker rooms provide.

Is It Legal For Massachusetts Residents To Play Poker Online?

The point for online poker fans in Massachusetts is this: you aren’t committing a crime in Massachusetts if you play online poker in that state, and now that the US Department of Justice has indicated they aren’t interested in prosecuting online poker players, if you live in Massachusetts, you can play at online poker rooms without worrying about committing a crime in Massachusetts. Soon, state-regulated online poker rooms will mean Massachusetts poker fans will have even more opportunities to play the online poker games and tournaments they already love.

The Current State Of Online Poker In Massachusetts

Right now, there is nothing inhibiting Massachusetts residents from playing poker online. Nothing in the state statutes nor in federal legislation says that players from the state are prohibited. So, the current state of the game is wide open in Massachusetts which is definitely a good thing.

And, looking ahead, Massachusetts is likely to be one of the first states to form an online poker room or group of online poker rooms regulated by the state lottery. Picture a Powerball-lottery style poker game system whereby the state of Massachusetts could share a player base with neighboring states, increasing revenue even further.

Best Online Poker Sites For Massachusetts Residents
Poker Sites Deposit Bonuses Average Traffic Visit
Bovada Poker 100% Match Good To $1,000 10,000+ Players VISIT
BetOnline Poker 25% Match Good To $900 5,000+ Players VISIT
Bovada - Covers Poker, Sports, & Casino For Massachusetts

The poker room at Bovada is first class and it shows the first time you sit down at a table. Actually, it begins before that during registration but you wouldn't know that unless you've tried one of the plethora of failed or failing poker sites on the web. Bovada has strong backing so you know they aren't going anywhere which only means they are not going to let their product slip. One thing is for sure... Bovada isn't letting their bonuses slip with a rare 100% to $1,000 poker bonus which is very generous. Then, the selection of games, and table can be overwhelming if you've never played at a serious online poker site before but if you stick to stake levels where you are comfortable, you will have a hard time going wrong.


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